A true old-world artisan bakery in Princeton, which now carries the Terra Momo brand name--a name you can associate with a dedication and passion for fresh food and warm service.  Our bakery features breads, viennoiserie, specialty cakes and cookies that are made with local, all-natural and organic ingredients whenever possible.  Our Boulanger, Denis Granarolo, hails from Paris and has been perfecting the art of bread-making for 30 years, although it has been said that "his hands are informed by centuries of craftsmanship."

Our rustic breads and baked goods are all made by hand and baked fresh daily in our stone-hearth oven.

Come experience an "old world bakery in the new world."

Terra Momo Bread Company

"Taste of Place"



74 Witherspoon Street
Princeton, NJ 08542
Fax: 609-688-0389


Hours of Operation

We are open on Thanksgiving day from 6 am to 2 pm. Come pick up your orders
Monday - Friday - 6am to 6pm
Saturday - 6am to 6pm
Sunday - 6am to 4pm

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