Our Story

We’re brothers, Carlo, Raoul, and Anthony Momo, and it all started with Teresa Azario Momo, our mother, who was born in Bergamo, Italy, and our father, Raul Momo Marmonti who was born in Chile.

They came to the United States in 1960 and by the mid-1970's, Teresa and Raul opened the very first “Teresa” — an Italian specialty food store. We worked alongside our parents when not in school, learning how to cook in the tradition and heritage of our ancestors. That's where we both acquired our passion for fresh food and a dedication to provide warm and welcoming service.

In 1982 our love of food led us back to our roots and we opened “Teresa II”, the first restaurant in the Terra Momo Group.

We continued to create exciting dining experiences spanning cultures: Teresa Caffe, Mediterra, Eno Terra, a wine bar and restaurant.  Our bakery, The Terra Momo Bread Company, supplies all of our restaurants.  Whenever possible, we provide our restaurants with produce fresh from our own Canal Farm located in Kingston, NJ.  

While the flavors and themes vary — from Italian to Spanish to Mediterranean — they all share the Terra Momo vision of quality, creativity and exceptional service.

Each setting has an individual sense of place. You can experience this, in the colors of our custom-designed interiors, the smell of our artisan bread, the taste of locally grown produce, the selection of carefully chosen wines (some of which carry our own label), the sounds of our music, and the care our staff provides, creating a vibrant setting for great memories with family and friends.

The Terra Momo Group continues to offer dining experiences with the common theme of earth, food, wine and, an enjoyment of life.

Our many doors are open and welcome you.


Taste of Place

At the core of our culinary philosophy is a deep appreciation for a, “taste of place”. All to say, we believe that food should speak eloquently of its provenance — its soil, its climate and the people who nurture it.

We regard the farmers and artisans who produce our food as partners in the creation of a great culinary experience. We forge personal relationships with our local family farms and consistently harvest from them, featuring their products.

We educate our staff and guests about the artistry that goes into growing the finest local food. Our chefs go to regional schools to inspire children to eat healthy, we hold cooking demonstrations at the Princeton Public Library and we’ve created a “local foods” blog, PrincetonEats.org, dedicated to educating everyone to eat well, and with a joy for life.

We support community organizations that celebrate local food, such as the Suppers Programs and The Princeton Farmers Market.

We hold an annual farm-to-table fundraiser benefiting Friends of Princeton Nursery Lands (FOPNL) and The Suppers Programs in support of our community.

We believe that a strong local food system is key to the health of our families, our community, our economy, and our environment.

We invite you to join us.

Wine Program

We select each wine served at a Terra Momo restaurant for its outstanding and unique quality.  

Our selection process is simple: we taste lots of fine wine and pick those that we believe you will enjoy, as wine is about personal enjoyment. The romantic way of putting it is; our wines express a sense of place (terroir), and values. Whether they are everyday wines, special occasion wines, excellent food wines, or wines to be savored by themselves, the same philosophy applies.

"De gustibus no est disputandum" – “There is no arguing with one's taste”; we've learned to appreciate this subtlety, and offer an array of choices to discover.

We can show you the way to your newest favorite wine.

Terra Libri

Terra Libri is a fresh-bake kiosk in the Princeton Public Library that provides an array of newly-baked and prepared items from a trusted source--the Terra Momo Bread Company.  Our menu items are made with all-natural ingredients and local produce from Cherry Grove Farm, Terhune Orchards and other local Jersey farms.  We offer a wide selection of viennoiserie, gourmet sandwiches, pizza and focaccia, salads, freshly-baked cookies and healthy snacks.  Enjoy the convenience of the cafe throughout the day, and stop in for breakfast, lunch, a light dinner or snack--and a cup of freshly brewed coffee, espresso or cappuccino made with Bristot gourmet Italian coffee.

Doors to the cafe open at 8am Monday - Saturday, and 11am Sunday.  The cafe closes one hour before the library closes.  Please refer to the Princeton Public Library's hours of operation for cafe closing hours. 

Terra Libri.  Marrying all-natural and local ingredients, convenience and freshly-baked goodness.  This is "Slow Food Fast."