Community Support

Terra Momo Restaurant Group is committed to "cultivating community" through a program that highlights our restaurants' overall values and beliefs.
The primary focus of Cultivating Community is our commitment to sustain New Jersey agriculture, source locally, care for the environment and support local farmers. Other areas of interest include support for educational and arts-related initiatives.

In cases where we can provide support, it is generally through special silent auction packages. It is only in rare, generally unsolicited, cases that we are able to provide cash support, in-kind or discounted catering, or host an event.

While it is very important to us to support local organizations and causes, we can only fulfill a limited number of donation requests. If the mission of your organization matches closely with the priorities described above, please fill out the following form. Please be sure to submit your request at least 30 days before any associated event.

Donation Request Form

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