Our Story

We’re brothers, Carlo, Raoul and Anthony Momo, and it all started with Teresa Azario Momo, our mother, who was born in Bergamo, Italy, and our father, Raul Momo Marmonti who was born in Chile.

They came to the United States in 1960 and by the mid-1970's, Teresa and Raul opened the very first “Teresa” — an Italian specialty food store. We worked alongside our parents when not in school, learning how to cook in the tradition and heritage of our ancestors. That's where we both acquired our passion for fresh food and a dedication to provide warm and welcoming service.

In 1982 our love of food led us back to our roots and we opened “Teresa II”, the first restaurant in the Terra Momo Group.

We continued to create exciting dining experiences spanning cultures: Teresa Caffe, Mediterra, Eno Terra, a wine bar and restaurant.  Our bakery, The Terra Momo Bread Company, supplies all of our restaurants.  Whenever possible, we provide our restaurants with produce fresh from our own Canal Farm located in Kingston, NJ.  

While the flavors and themes vary — from Italian to Spanish to Mediterranean — they all share the Terra Momo vision of quality, creativity and exceptional service.

Each setting has an individual sense of place. You can experience this, in the colors of our custom-designed interiors, the smell of our artisan bread, the taste of locally grown produce, the selection of carefully chosen wines (some of which carry our own label), the sounds of our music, and the care our staff provides, creating a vibrant setting for great memories with family and friends.

The Terra Momo Group continues to offer dining experiences with the common theme of earth, food, wine and, an enjoyment of life.

Our many doors are open and welcome you.

The Grove West
508 Broad Street
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702
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Albariño is the Galician name for the wine grape grown in Galicia, in northwest Spain, where it is used to make varietal white wines. It is believed to have been brought to Spain by Cluny monks in the twelfth century.

At the core of Terra Momo’s culinary philosophy is a deep appreciation for a “taste of place”. We believe that food should speak eloquently of its provenance - its soil, its climate and the people who nurture it. True to our motto, Eat Locally, Drink Globally, Albariño Restaurant will feature Spanish-inspired dishes, using the best ingredients New Jersey, and the mid-Atlantic region, have to offer.

4484 New Jersey 27
Kingston, NJ 08528
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“Eat Local. Drink Global.”

Eno Terra is founded on the principle of the regionalism, and the seasonality of what our local farmers grow, what our three-season harvest from our Eno Terra Canal Farm produces, what our fishermen catch, and the grass-fed beef and antibiotic free poultry our producers offer. 

With that we've created an enhanced “Enoteca” style menu, Italian in sensibility, with a wine list that focuses on Italy, the United States, and an abundant representation from France and Spain.

Complementing this “farm-to-table multi-course experience” is our passion for warm and friendly service, as we remain environmental guardians. 

29 Hulfish Street
Princeton, NJ 08542
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Phone: (609) 252-9680
Fax: (609) 683-9359
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We must start with what's most important: your comfort, enjoyment and pleasure. We are totally dedicated to making your every visit to Mediterra as satisfying as possible.

At MEDITERRA our concept is simple: to ensure that our guests tap into the extraordinary cuisine of the nearly two dozen cultures surrounding the Mediterranean, with an emphasis on Italian and Spanish, while pairing locally harvested ingredients with an ever-changing but always superb collection of fine and affordable wine, and then nurture your experience with a staff of restaurant professionals who welcome you as family.



Terra Momo Bread Company
74 Witherspoon Street
Princeton, NJ 08542
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The search for the perfect pizza dough for TERESA CAFFE led us to an interest in artisan bread.

So when we metDenis Granarolo, an accomplished Boulanger (Bread-Maker), and his wife Christine in 1998, together we opened the Terra Momo Bread Company, (formerly known as the Witherspoon Bread Company).

Denis and Christine are the artists behind the flavors and shapes of the artesian bread, and pastry, and the warm and welcoming hospitality you feel upon entering the shop; where you can also take home a variety of olive oils (for bread dipping), toasted flatbreads, and full-bodied European coffee. 

The combined aromas will lure you in from the sidewalk! We look forward to serving you.

23 Palmer Square East
Princeton, NJ 08542
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Phone: (609) 921-1974
Fax: (609) 921-6706
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In a neighborhood trattoria style atmosphere, TERESACAFFE, named after our mother Teresa Azario Momo, features simple Italian-inspired fare; unsurpassed seasonal pasta dishes and pizzette, and all of our baked goods are made fresh daily at our bakery, The Terra Momo Bread Company.

Every detail from the olive oil, to the wine, from the basil to the artwork, is in keeping with our mother’s sensibility; that every guest feels that "this visit" is the best one yet. 

Buon appetito!